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Eugene Alain Seguy

(1889 - 1985)​


Extremely little is known about E.A. Seguy who was active in Paris from 1900 to 1925. His mastery of decorative design and coloration is evident in the beautiful pochoir portfolios he created. Unusual in his capacity to span the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods, Seguy's portfolio's remain exquisite examples of ornamentation and composition.


Seguy created 11 albums of illustrations and designs from the turn of the century to the 1930s, and his style reflected the influences of both Art Nouveau and Art Deco. His various color portfolios of visual ideas for artists and designers often featured motifs based on the natural world, including flowers, foliage, crystals and animals.

Pochoir - (French for stencil) a highly refined technique popular in France in the early 20th Century for making fine limited editions of stencil prints. It is often called hand colouring, or hand illustration.

E S  Seguy Prismes
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